Queen Elizabeth II Biography

Major Events in Reign and Interesting Facts

Major Events in Reign

A timeline of the major events during Queen Elizabeth's reign as Queen of Britain:

1952 - Her father King George VI dies and Elizabeth becomes Queen.

1953 - The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

1956 - Britain and France invade Egypt in an attempt to regain control of the Suez Canal. The result is the Suez Crisis.

1957 - With the help of her advisors, Elizabeth selects Harold Macmillan as Prime Minister of Britain.

1960 - Her sister, Princess Margaret, marries Tony Armstrong-Jones. Elizabeth gives birth to her third child, Prince Andrew.

1964 - Elizabeth gives birth to her fourth child, Prince Edward.

1969 - Her son Charles is announced as the official heir to the throne and is named Prince of Wales.

1976 - She opened the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Canada.

1977 - Elizabeth celebrates her Silver Jubilee on her 25th anniversary as Queen.

1979 - Margaret Thatcher becomes the first female Prime Minister of Britain.

1981 - Prince Charles marries Lady Diana in one of the most popular weddings in history.

1982 - Queen Elizabeth II receives Pope John Paul II on his visit to England. It is the first time a reigning pope visited the United Kingdom.

1991- She addresses a joint meeting of the United States Congress following the coalition victory in the Gulf War.

1992 - 1992 was a year of sadness for the Queen in her personal life. She called this year her "annus horribulis", or "horrible year." During 1992, Prince Charles formally separated from his wife Lady Diana, Princess Anne divorced her husband, and Prince Andrew separated from his wife. To add insult to injury, Windsor Castle caught fire and suffered extensive damage.

1997 - Princess Diana is killed in a car crash. Queen Elizabeth II gives a speech the day before Diana's funeral.

2002 - The Queen's mother passes at the age of 101 and her sister, Princess Margaret dies at the age of 71. The same year Elizabeth II celebrates her Golden Jubilee marking her 50th year as Queen of Britain.

2011 - Her grandson Prince William, second in line to the throne, gets married to Catherine Middleton.

2012 - Elizabeth celebrates her Diamond Jubilee for 60 years as monarch.

2015 - Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning British monarch surpassing her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria.

Interesting Facts about Queen Elizabeth II

She is currently (as of 2017) Commander-in-Chief of the British Armed Forces and the Canadian Armed Forces.

Besides being Queen of the United Kingdom, she is also queen of many other countries: Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Australia, the Bahamas, and Barbados; just to name a few.

One of her favorite hobbies is photography.

In 2017, she celebrated her 65th year as Queen with a Sapphire Jubilee. She is the first British monarch to have a Sapphire Jubilee.

Her nickname "Lilibet" comes from her own pronunciation of "Elizabeth" when she was a child.

She was educated by tutors at home. In order for her to socialize with other girls her age she joined the Girl Guides (like the girl scouts). Her patrol leader, Patricia Mountbatten, was the first cousin of Elizabeth's future husband.

She speaks fluid French.

She is allowed to drive in Britain without a license.

Elizabeth and her sister Margaret joined the massive crowds in the streets celebrating the end of World War II.

Although she was born on April 11, the country celebrates her birthday on June 11th. This way the weather is more likely to be better for a parade.

When Tony Blair became the British Prime Minister in 1997, he became the first prime minister born during Queen Elizabeth II's reign.

She loves dogs and has owned over 30 Welsh Corgis during her reign.


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